I facilitate workshops that support people to awaken to their own alive presence amidst the difficulty and joy of living in these times.

I am motivated to support people to engage with what it means to be human on this earth right now – this can involve deep grief, bewilderment, anger, wonder, awe, mystery, confusion, numbness, laughter, passion, fear, love.

My intention is to support courage and resilience in people and communities by creating containers where people’s realness can be embodied, spoken and shared.

I invite people to participate in the conversation between our personal emotional worlds and the collective, social and cultural worlds we participate in.

I see this work as spiritual-political and do not exclude the realities of the world from the spaces I create for rest, nourishment and connection. Confronting the realities of climate change, ecological devastation, and the legacies colonialism, capitalism, sexism, racism are often at the centre of the practices I offer. I believe that deep equanimity and wholeheartedness resides in our ability to engage with what is difficult, both inside ourselves and in the world at large.

The practices I offer are rooted in the Work that Reconnects, and also draw from deep ecology, mindful self-compassion, mindfulness practices, non-violent communication, imaginative play in nature and creative processes involving art and writing.

I currently run my own workshops as well as co-facilitating work with Psychology for a Safe Climate on climate grief, beating burnout and conflict.